MVP Application

Bring your app idea to life as a market-ready mobile, desktop, web or hybrid application in as little as 30 days with our unique MVP process.

Business Builder Website

Take your business to the next level with a high-impact Business Builder Website (with optional ERP, Lead Builder, Quote Builder and eCommerce modules) delivered on small business timescale and at a small business price.

Lead Builder

Turn your Business Builder website into a lead machine with the Lead Builder Module and Managed Service that drive site visits and help you turn visitors into paying customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Improve your business operations and execution with the Business Builder SMB enterprise resource planning capabilities with features that help you manage customers, projects, people and finances.


Take your business online or improve your current online storefront with the Business Builder eCommerce module that allows you to sell digital and physical goods and services from your Business Builder website.

Custom Quote Builder

Accelerate your sales with a custom online quote builder. Available as an add-on to our Business Builder Website or as a standalone option for existing WordPress websites.

MVP Application

Let us build and deploy your custom app in as little as 30 days.

Business Builder Website

Get your custom Business Builder site in as little as 30 days.


Custom Quote Builder

Let us build a custom online estimate and quote builder for your business.


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Core Features

xCentric Strategic-Messaging

Included - Create a compelling story that sets you apart from competitors.

xCentric Professional-Design

Included - Reflect strategic messaging in site copy and graphics that motivates purchase activity.

xCentric Experience-Optimized

Included - Present messaging in usability, accessibility, and discoverability-optimized site structure.

xCentric Support-Managed-Hosting

Included - Secure, professional hosting and client support ensures site integrity, responsiveness and brand quality.

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xCentric Solution

Launch your Minimum Viable Product Native iOS and Android or Web app

Secure, high-performance, mobile-first website with tools to grow your business

Add a custom online quote builder to your existing WordPress websites

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Type of application

Let us build your Financial, Productivity, Social or Game application

Financial app defined, built and delivered with 240 Total hours LOE (150 Dev hours constraint).

Productivity app defined, built and delivered with 240 Total hours LOE (150 Dev hours constraint).

Social app defined, built and delivered with 240 Total hours LOE (150 Dev hours constraint).

Game app defined, built and delivered with 240 Total hours LOE (150 Dev hours constraint).

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Targeted devices

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Optional Features

Select your business performance enhancer

Complete Managed Content Marketing and Lead Generation Service

Complete E-Commerce Engine and Product Set-up (10 products)

Full-featured Enterprise Resource Planning System (HR, CRM, PM, Accounting)

Custom Online Estimate and Quote Builder with Online Purchase Options

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Lead Builder Options

Select the # of contacts in your CRM database

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Final details

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Project Overview

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


“Thank you xCentric. Your contribution to moving Knomadix forward is greatly appreciated. We are better thanks to your strategic message development, website that tells our story well, and integrated analytics and lead management tools that assist our sales efforts.”


Ramesh Balan | CEO

ProQuality Solutions

“Wow. Where do I start? The Team at xCentric delivered big for ProQuality — beginning with an extraordinary strategic messaging engagement .. then driving everything home with a website that finally tells the ProQuality story. We are partners for life.” RW-Holleman-ProQuality-Solutions

R.W. Holleman | CEO

CISOWorks Cybersecurity

“The xCentric team are wizards. They helped us to really focus on what makes our Cyber Security Firm different. Then they quickly crafted and delivered a website that perfectly expresses who we are and helps us with integrated marketing and lead generation tools.” Paul-SundarSingh-SundarSingh-CyberSecurity

Paul SundarSingh | CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own hosting?

No — in most cases. xCentric provides managed solutions to help businesses focus on their business — not their websites. This includes professional, managed hosting that keeps your site fast, responsive and secure. Our experience is that clients who manage their own hosting often fall behind in security and other system updates. The clients often encounter problems that are completely avoidable, and expensive (for Clients and ourselves) to recover from. We prefer to spend our life energies moving clients forward, so we’ve chosen to offer fully managed services.

The single exception to this rule is our Custom Quote Builder solution — which we will add to existing, well-maintained WordPress websites with professional hosting.

Can you really deliver a complete solution in as little as 30 days?

Yes, in most cases. We have refined our offerings and processes to deliver key business solutions with predicable speed and quality. In most cases our speed is determined by client availability and responsiveness. However, in some cases, client requirements are unusually complex and cannot be accommodated in 30 days. We will determine this at the outset and set expectations accordingly.

Let's Build Your Business Together

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