Enterprise Resource Planning

Project Management

The cornerstone of operational excellence and scaling your business is effective project management. Business Builder ERP can add fully featured, professional project management capability, task management and project reporting to your Business Builder website.

Customer Relationship Management

Capture important customer information with Business Builder CRM. CRM helps you understand customer needs, gain insights to assist sales and business decision-making, access client info in one place, communicate uniformly, and increase accountability.

Human Resources

Easily manage employee details, performance, vacations, leaves and overall life cycle, plus departments, leave policy, employee communications and more. All of this information is easily accessible from within your Business Builder website dashboard.


Get a handle on your business accounting with the Business Builder ERP Accounting module. Easily track and manage your total cash reserves, invoices, pending payments, expenditures and profit. The simple yet powerful way to manage your accounting.

Project Management

Step up to professional project management.

People Management

Manage customers, companies and employees.

Process Management

Scale key Operational, HR, and Accounting processes.


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Core Website Features

These features are included with all Business Builder Websites

xCentric Strategic-Messaging

We create a compelling story that sets you apart from competitors.

xCentric Professional-Design

We transform strategic messaging into site copy and graphics that motivate conversion activity.

xCentric Experience-Optimized

We reflect messaging in usability, accessibility, and discoverability-optimized site structure.

xCentric Support-Managed-Hosting

Responsive support and secure hosting = site integrity and brand quality.

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xCentric Solution

Website AND Enterprise Resource Planning add-on

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Optional Features

Select additional business performance enhancers

Custom Online Estimate and Quote Builder with Online Purchase Options

Complete E-Commerce Engine and Product Set-up (10 products)

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Core ERP Features

These features are included with all SMB ERPs

Manage employee details, policies, performance, communications and time off.

Capture prospect and customer information, plus sales, service and decision insights.

Track and manage cash, invoices, payment status, expenditures and profit.

Scale your business with professional project and task management and project reporting.

xCentric Support-Managed-Hosting
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


“Thank you xCentric. Your contribution to moving Knomadix forward is greatly appreciated. We are better thanks to your strategic message development, website that tells our story well, and integrated analytics and lead management tools that assist our sales efforts.”


Ramesh Balan | CEO

ProQuality Solutions

“Wow. Where do I start? The Team at xCentric delivered big for ProQuality — beginning with an extraordinary strategic messaging engagement .. then driving everything home with a website that finally tells the ProQuality story. We are partners for life.” RW-Holleman-ProQuality-Solutions

R.W. Holleman | CEO

CISOWorks Cybersecurity

“The xCentric team are wizards. They helped us to really focus on what makes our Cyber Security Firm different. Then they quickly crafted and delivered a website that perfectly expresses who we are and helps us with integrated marketing and lead generation tools.” Paul-SundarSingh-SundarSingh-CyberSecurity

Paul SundarSingh | CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is curated content?

Marketing content is essential to successful digital marketing. Regularly updated content will improve search engine ranking and organic search performance. However, creating a steady stream of fresh marketing content requires dedicated effort that most small and midsize businesses struggle to achieve on a regular basis.

Curated content means that we free you from having to interrupt your work to regularly produce marketing content. We begin by learning about your business, goals, products, and services, your target customers, and your key competitors. We then create a marketing content strategy and a content marketing plan for producing content that is optimized to help you achieve your sales goals.

We then work independently, but in coordination with you to create and publish content in accordance with the content strategy and marketing plan. This typically means publishing one or more professional, SEO-optimized article each week, plus pertinent company news. This content is published to your website, distributed to your email marketing list(s) and cross-posted to your social media channels as required.

Do you really provide us with a dedicated CRM?

Yes. We configure a dedicated CRM for each client. We also provide you with an unlimited number of user accounts so you can provide access to your entire sales team or only your marketing team. The choice is yours.

Pricing is not determined by the number of CRM accounts. It is determined by the number of CRM contact records. When you request a quote, we will determine your price based on the number of CRM contact records you select.

Is there a limit to the number of Emails we can send?

No. Lead Builder allows you to send an unlimited number of emails at no added cost.

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