>>We hold it true that <apps> are things

We view apps — websites, web apps, native and hybrid desktop and mobile apps — as canvas for interactive stories. Great apps deliver designed experiences that fulfill user expectations while connecting each user to a larger organizing story.

Our solutions include rapidly developed Minimum Viable Product custom applications and Business Builder websites that help you grow your business.

>> Endowed with life and breath and wings

Our Design for eXperience (DfX) process employs iterative messaging, design, development, and usability techniques to achieve product-market fit — transforming your ideas into apps with wings.


Strategic Messaging articulates and connects each user with the larger story, sets expectations, differentiates, and makes competition irrelevant.


Our design approach encompasses presentation functional requirements, non-functional requirements, and desired system behaviors.


Agile Development achieves product-market fit through incremental messaging, functionality, and ux improvement.


Usability cannot be tacked-on — it must be designed and built-in, then validated and refined through real world user testing.

>> And that we send them forth to fill

Developing and deploying an app is only half the job — success requires properly launching your app, promoting it to achieve desired awareness and conversion objectives, and guiding users to proficiency.


Best practice product launch activities encompass both app deployment to production, and support personnel training and readiness for expected and unexpected events.


Let us help you launch your app to your target audience, build awareness and achieve your launch objectives — whether you are launching internally or to market.


Effective user on-boarding is not an afterthought, it is designed-into the app — from first-launch wizards, to contextual help, automatic exception-reporting, and simple user feedback.

>> The world with good <experiences> or ill.

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable.

Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.

Dieter Rams  

The xCentric way can transform your good idea into a great app that delivers memorable and meaningful experiences:


Design for eXperience (DfX)


Launch for Success

Iterate to product-market fit

What our customers say


“Thank you xCentric. Your contribution to moving Knomadix forward is greatly appreciated. We are better thanks to your strategic message development, website that tells our story well, and integrated analytics and lead management tools that assist our sales efforts.”


Ramesh Balan | CEO

ProQuality Solutions

“Wow. Where do I start? The Team at xCentric delivered big for ProQuality — beginning with an extraordinary strategic messaging engagement .. then driving everything home with a website that finally tells the ProQuality story. We are partners for life.” RW-Holleman-ProQuality-Solutions

R.W. Holleman | CEO

CISOWorks Cybersecurity

“The xCentric team are wizards. They helped us to really focus on what makes our Cyber Security Firm different. Then they quickly crafted and delivered a website that perfectly expresses who we are and helps us with integrated marketing and lead generation tools.” Paul-SundarSingh-SundarSingh-CyberSecurity

Paul SundarSingh | CEO

Our Team

We are artists and storytellers who view apps as canvas.
We believe great apps solve problems while connecting users to a larger, shared story.
Our mission is to deliver both.

Stephen Perkins

Stephen Perkins

Messaging Principal

Artist. Sculptor. Software Industry Expert.

Sirichat Virojphan

Sirichat Virojphan

Design Principal

Architect. Designer. UX Champion.

Donovan Dillon

Donovan Dillon

Development Principal

Strategist. Planner. Technology Architect.

xCentric Solutions

Primary Offerings

MVP Apps

Transform your idea into a Minimum Viable Product — messaging, design, development, usability testing and launch — in as little as 30 days.

Business Builder Website

Take your business to the next level with high-impact business website solutions that address big business challenges at a small business price.

Website Add-ons

Lead Builder

Turn your Business Builder website into a lead machine. Lead Builder drives sales with managed content marketing lead generation features.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Professional enterprise resource planning (ERP) can help you manage your customers, projects, people and finances. Up your game with our SMB ERP.


Take your business online or improve your current online digital and physical goods storefront with the Business Builder eCommerce module.

Quote Builder

Automate and accelerate your sales with a custom online Quote Builder — an add-on to Business Builder Websites or existing WordPress websites.

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We would be honored to help you tell your story, solve problems and deliver memorable experiences.




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